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Red Hill is in the process of preserving the history and heritage of the Borough.  This goal can only be realized through your assistance.  The Borough is seeking any information available concerning its development through the years.  









What may seem trivial or of the too recent past may be an important part of building a more comprehensive understanding of the town's evolution into the bucolic community that we know today.  We are searching for information, documents, photos, and memorabilia of the past that pertains to Red Hill. There is nothing too trite, or unhelpful.  



Please take a little time to think about what you may have around your home that may be part of the building blocks of this endeavor.  Did your dad, mom, grand-parent, aunt, or uncle work or volunteer in the community?  Photographs, of course, are the first thing that come to mind.  These may be donated or we can scan them and return the originals to you.  Is there a memorable photo of the Red Hill Scout Cabin, that once stood in Graber Alley, Grand pop proudly standing in front of the 1951 Maxim Fire Truck, a group photo from Miller's Cigar Factor, or one of the other almost forgotten industries?  Perhaps you have an old Woodson's Dairy milk bottle, Red Hill Broom, or Bayunk Cigar box.  Items from the Red Hill Savings and Loan, the Arco Gas Station, Country Fox Inn, Red Hill Ford, etc. are of interest and should be preserved.  Sport and band items, Scout uniforms, old membership cards are all also of interest. 

Do you have any information, photos or other items you would like to share with the Borough?


Call the Borough Offices  at 215-679-2040, or e-mail the Historical Information Director at  

Any documents, photos, or other items donated will be cataloged, listing the name of the donor, the date donated, and all pertinent information of the item.  


Have you stopped at the Borough Hall lately and seen the beginning of our efforts?  If not, please stop in! 


Office is open Monday - Thursday 10 am to 2 pm



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