UMJA has hired Performance Pipelining to reline their pipes in various parts of all three boroughs. The work will take place during the day and we will post the schedule as it becomes available. 


Note in Red Hill work is scheduled on 9/20 on West Second Street.


Please note the schedule is dependent on weather and is subject to change. PPI will place door hangers on any property that will be impacted.


At times while work is taking place you will notice three things an odor, loud sounds and smoke. The noise occurs when the liner is being pulled through the pipe; the smoke occurs as hot water or steam is circulated through the sewer to cure the resin filled liner. Please be sure to read both sides of the door hanger that should be placed on your door 12 to 24 hours before work begins


September 13, 2021- Dotts Street, Lakeview Terrace & 11th Street in Pennsburg.


September 14, 2021- West Side Alley, Lake Lane, Dotts Street, 5th Street, Long Alley in Pennsburg and Cherry Street in East Greenville.


September 15, 2021- West Side Alley, W. 4th Street, 5th Street in Pennsburg. Jefferson Street & Cherry Street in East Greenville.


September 16, 2021- Dotts Street, W. Side Alley & Sixth Street in Pennsburg. Jefferson Street & Third Street in East Greenville.


September 17, 2021- Jefferson & Cherry Street in East Greenville. Main & Dotts Street in Pennsburg.


September 20, 2021- Main Street in Pennsburg. W Second Street in Red Hill.


Shootings inside schools, churches and businesses continue to happen, you may have read or heard about the ALICE program in connection to school safety.  The ALICE training program which many believe provides the most common sense approach has been enacted by the Upper Perkiomen School District.  CLICK HERE to see a special presentation of UPN's "Indians in Action", where they take a very real look at school shootings and the ALiCE training program.