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Municipal Separate Storm Sewer System (MS4)

The Federal Clean Water Act of 1972 protects water resources

by providing policies to keep pollutants from the water supply

The Perkiomen Watershed began their work on the garden by installing a temporary deer fence and plantings in and around the basin.  


W. 4th Street near Williams Lane

Storm Water Complaint Form

What is MS4?

MS4 stands for “Municipal Separate Storm Sewer Systems” and is a network of grass swales, channels, underground pipes and other measures in the borough that collect and carry rainwater and snow melt off your property, onto streets and eventually back into our groundwater, streams and lakes.  Keeping stormwater runoff clean is a challenge because this water is easily contaminated from: Lawn Clippings & Chemicals (fertilizers, pesticides,etc.); Pet Waste; Oil and Grease from Vehicles; Sediment and Debris from Construction Activities; Improper Disposal of Trash​. All residents have a part in caring for our natural resources. By taking active measures to prevent water pollution at home and increasing cleanup efforts within our community, all residents can help protect the environment, wildlife and the quality of our drinking water.


Montgomery County Conservation District - To protect and improve the quality of life of the residents of Montgomery County and surrounding communities by providing, in cooperation with others, timely and efficient service, education, and technical guidance, for the wise use of our soil, water, and related resources. Click Here to visit their website for storm water management information and events.

StormwaterPA is your go-to resource for the most current information and effective, proven techniques in storm water management.  Click Here


Storm Water Quality - Red Hill Borough’s stormwater system is designed to collect storm water (rain and snow melt) and release it untreated, back into the Upper Perkiomen Creek Watershed. As rain and snow melt travel across our streets, parking lots and lawns, many pollutants can be collected and transported along the way. Typical stormwater pollutants include motor oil, lawn fertilizers, pesticides, trash and sediments. The Upper Perkiomen Creek Watershed is our source for drinking water, recreational activity and wildlife habitat. Red Hill Borough is committed to ensuring our stormwater system is efficient and properly maintained for the health of our residents and Watershed community. Red Hill is part of the Perkiomen Watershed - Visit the Perkiomen Watershed Conservancy Website

What Can Residents Do To Help? Maintain Good Practices In And Around The Home - The following is a list of recommended Best Management Practices (BMPs) for household projects so you can help protect our stormwater systems and have a safe working environment.

  • PROPERLY store and dispose of paints and solvents

  • DO NOT dump un-used paints or solvents into storm drains or grass swales

  • PROPERLY contain and dispose of mop bucket water, sweepings and sediments

  • DO NOT dump soapy bucket water, sweepings or sediments into the street gutter, storm drains or swales Use non-toxic or bio-degradable products when possible

  • KEEP A CLEAN up kit of safety equipment and absorbent material (such as cat litter or sand) near areas of potential spills, such as garage areas with motor oil, gasoline, lubricants, etc.

  • DO NOT use a hose to wash down an area to clean up after a spill. Contain the spill with the absorbent material, sweep the material into a container and dispose of properly

  • COVER DUMPSTERS  as to prevent rain water from entering. Replace leaking dumpsters/ garbage containers

  • DO NOT blow leaves or grass clippings into the street gutter Keep storm inlets free from trash and debris.

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